About RedJasper

A boutique technology consultancy and deep-tech incubator, we harness our advanced research capabilities to create innovative products, applications and solutions that not only address current and emerging needs of our clients, but also foster strategic alliances and enduring partnerships with companies of complementary strengths to generate extraordinary value.

What We Do


The Founders

Brenda Cheang, PhD

Dr. Brenda Cheang is a technopreneur and an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Brenda has significant experience in various elements of the tech industry, from product/service design, to development and implementation. Between roles in the corporate world, she also pursued a Masters in Management Sciences and a PhD in IT Studies.

Apart from serving as the Executive Director, Brenda also leads the company’s efforts in expanding our body of work through strategic partnerships, incubation and spin-off ventures.

Prof. Andrew Lim

Andrew, one of only six Returning Singaporean Scientists, attaches great importance to the synergy between world-class scientific research and innovation. His research has been featured in top research outlets and translated to products and services in many renowned multinational companies. These works have culminated in winning a number of international innovation awards.